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Point - Counterpoint:

Do Steroids really kill?

Point:  Steroids can cause: cancer, female like breasts in males, hair loss, testicular shrinkage(not shrinkage of the penis like I have heard many times before), Aggression, high cholesterol, jaundice, and acne.

Counterpoint:  Ok, I know we've all heard this before in the media, health class, and in every article made by the governments anti-steroid propaganda team.  The truth is steroids can have side effects but most can be PREVENTED. Using drugs like nolvadex, clomid, and arimidex can prevent the estrogenic side effects of steroids. Also, Accutane can be used for acne.  There are also many drugs out now to prevent baldness and high cholesterol.  And let me also say 'Roid Rage' is not 100% caused by steroids.  The aggression has to be there for it to happen.  Steroids can just make it worse but won't initiate it.

Point:  This sounds like typical steroid user talk.  We have seen on the news that steroids are dangerous.  They show us real cases of people who have used steroids and how they almost killed them.  How can you say that steroids aren't dangerous when we have examples like this?

Counterpoint: We have examples of people who have ABUSED steroids not used them.  When you abuse them there is the potential for side effects.  When they are used properly and responsibly the potential for side effects is greatly reduced.  The media never shows the thousands of people who use with no real problems, they only show the few people who have used them improperly.

Point:  People who take steroids are all bound to abuse them.  It starts out with low doses then they become addicted and this eventually leads to ABUSE.  All people think they won't abuse them but they will eventually give into the addiction.  Also, what about the risk of AIDS by sharing needles to inject with?

Counterpoint:  The addiction isn't the same as cocaine or heroin where you have to have it.  Many users just like the effects they see when they are on.  If they can't get them they don't go into withdrawl.  I can't believe sharing needles was brought up.  This shows a lack of understanding of the type of people that use them.  A typical users does not go dumpster diving or to a heroin dealer on the side of the road looking for needles.  They use sterile needles in original packing.

Point:  In the end i'm just going on what we have grown up learning.  To many people have gotten hurt by them.  Say whatever you want, in the end steroids kill.  PERIOD

Counterpoint:  The sooner people realize that steroids are not the same as cocaine and heroin the better.  What you have grown up learning is wrong.  To many people have gotten hurt? Who? The people you see on the TV movies? I will say in conclusion that they can be used safely with little to no side effects. PERIOD.

Who is right? We will let the reader decide.

What's your View? e-mail me.


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